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Tuesday, 3 October 2017.

JustGiving + Blackbaud – Better Together

We are honoured to share the exciting news that promises to favourably impact the social good community. Today, as part of our commitment to innovation, we are pleased to announce that JustGiving™ is now part of Blackbaud. United Kingdom-based JustGiving has played a powerful role in the growth of peer-to-peer fundraising with its online social giving platform.

What this Means

JustGiving is a leader in peer-to-peer giving, with people in 164 countries raising over $4.5 billion for good causes through its online platform since 2001. This acquisition will expand the peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities Blackbaud offers today through TeamRaiser® and everydayhero™, which are used by leading nonprofit organizations to connect their causes to the individuals who support them. The acquisition will also add a new personal crowdfunding capability (individuals raising funds for other individuals) that can be rolled out in the U.S. and elsewhere, as well as position Blackbaud to better serve the U.K. market, where it has operated for more than two decades, and where JustGiving is a fundraising leader.

Now that the acquisition is complete, Blackbaud will now be able to begin the process of integrating with JustGiving. We are committed to coming together in a way that expands functionality and enables customers to access the very best of what both Blackbaud and JustGiving have to offer. Adding JustGiving to the Blackbaud family will accelerate our ability to innovate across the peer-to-peer giving spectrum. As a matter of fact, through this acquisition, Blackbaud has doubled its ongoing investment in peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities.

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Monday, 28 August 2017.

Introducing New Donation forms

Our aim is to provide you with a beautiful, new donation form that not only looks great but focuses on delivering value, consistency and an improved customer experience. 

Some exciting new features you’ll notice:

  • A new mobile first experience to improve completion rates 
  • Simplified micro-steps in the giving process to avoid overwhelming donors
  • A visual link between the intended donation value and its impact on the fundraiser’s goal for P2P donations to increase overall gift values
  • Your charity brand and logo applied in a thoughtful way at each step of the donation process to increase connection to cause
  • A new messaging section to allow the donor to see how their message will be displayed on the fundraiser’s page
  • A donation summary screen allowing the donor to review their gift, confirm Gift Aid and Donor Cover all before making a donation – adding clarity and transparency during the giving experience 
  • A brand new thank you page and donation receipt 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017.

Introducing New Reporting

We are thrilled to announce that we are about to release significant improvements to our reporting system.

What’s new?
To provide you with quicker access and more accurate data, we have consolidated most of the predefined reports into four improved reports:

  • Fundraiser report: The new fundraiser report will give you a complete view of all the data relevant to your fundraisers as well as a new group reporting feature.
  • Donation report: This improved version will provide you with more clarity on donation fees as well as details on donations from groups.
  • Regular donors reportYou will now be able to link the acquisition of a regular giver to a specific campaign, as well as seeing the expiry date of any regular giving.
  • Financial Statements: Your financial statements will remain accessible as usual.

Please note that to provide you with more accurate data matching, we are making changes in the ID system we are using.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017.

Introducing FitBit Integration

everydayhero now offers integration with market leader Fitbit. Strava and MapMyFitness are both smartphone apps which utilise GPS technology to allow users to track and analyse various aspects of their activity, from distance and speed travelled through to calories burned and continuous heart rateFitbit is a wearable device that tracks the number of steps you take each day, much like a pedometer, while also monitoring your heart rate and sleep patterns. Fitbit offers the most seamless integration for charities because it runs continuously in the background – once synced with your fundraising page it refreshes and updates the data every hour.

Additionally, if you want the global fitness goal and Fitbit integration displayed by default in your branded campaign, just ask our professional services team, they will activate it free of charge.

Every step of your supporters’ training journey offers more opportunities to engage and fundraise, so actively remind them to post their training activity on their supporter page and be acknowledged for the hard yards they’re putting in behind the scenes.

To learn more about everydayhero’s new Fitbit integration and how to enable fitness tracking for your next event, contact us or ask your account manager for more info.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017.

Visual updates to your campaigns on mobile

We have made a few changes to the layout of campaigns when viewed on a mobile device. You will notice that we have adjusted the sizing of of the main banner image, giving more prominance to your campaign imagery. We have also included a ‘Start Fundraising’ button to make it easier for your supporters to join your campaign and finally there is now a mobile friendly menu option added to improve navigation.

We are regularly rolling out new features and tweaks to everydayhero, be sure to check back for future updates.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017.

Team Fundraising Functionality

A few months ago we updated the “join a team” process to make it faster and easier for friends and colleagues to band together and fundraise for a cause they love.

Once a team is created, others can join the team at any time and their individual fundraising achievements will boost the team fundraising totals. Previously, the system required an “approval” from the team leader, but now it’s all real-time. Team leaders can still manage the membership status of every team member, but the initial process is fast and simple.

To further improve the team join process – we’ve updated the invitation email team leaders use to recruit their teammates. Now the email will automatically list who else is already a member of the team, what the cause is and provide more information about the event.

Each of these additions is designed to improve the open and click through rate on the team invitation emails and ultimately get more people fundraising for your cause.

Friday, 22 December 2016.


Preferred Fitness Unit Options

As of today, campaigns and users can set their preferred units for displaying fitness activities. Some event participant and campaigns prefer to have distance displayed in different units. This is now configurable at a user and campaign level. This is great if you are tracking cycling and running events.

Campaign level options

Campaigns can change the display unit. Selectable units at campaign level are km, miles and steps. This will determine the unit synced fitness activities (Strava and Map My Fitness) and aggregate totals are displayed.

User level options

Users can change the display unit to their own preference. Selectable units at user level are km, miles. User settings take precedence over campaigns settings. This will determine the unit synced fitness activities (Strava and Map My Fitness) and aggregate totals are displayed.

Manual fitness activity

Users can set the unit when they post a manual fitness activity. This unit take precedence over campaign and user settings and is the unit the activity will display in on the page. Aggregate totals are based on the user or the campaign settings.


16th December 2016

Eventbrite integration


A seamless experience from registration to fundraising

Thanks to the brand new integration between everydayhero and Eventbrite, you will be able to enjoy best-in-class registration services with market-leading fundraising technology. It will be easier than ever for your event participants to create their fundraising page as part of the registration process. This seamless transition will allow you to acquire more supporters and to raise more for your cause.





everydayhero and Eventbrite for your events

  • Seamless experience from event registration to fundraising page creation.
  • Fully mobile responsive fundraising pages with your event branding.
  • Clever integrations with fitness apps such as Strava and MapMyFitness to help your supporters post their training to their fundraising page.
  • Advanced social sharing functionality to help you acquire more supporters.