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Let your donors share the love


01-iPad-Air-Mock-upYour very own, branded Virtual Giftshop

We think giving should be a rewarding giving experience for your generous donors – as well as their friends and family.

So we’ve made it easy for you to open the doors to your own Virtual Giftshop.

Your Virtual Giftshop lets your donors share the love by buying a virtual gifts for their family or friends while supporting your cause.

They can dedicate their gifts to friends and family in a beautiful, mobile responsive eCard, explaining how their gift from your Virtual Giftshop is making a difference towards your vital work.

Virtual Giftshops are perfect for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day appeals.

You choose the gifts for your shop.

It’s your choice! Your Virtual Giftshop lets you sell three gifts at three donation dollar amounts of your choice.

Just tell us which three gifts should be in your Virtual Giftshop and how much they cost.

Perhaps it’s a virtual toy for a homeless child for $50, virtual food hamper for $100, and a night of accommodation for a family for $200. It’s your choice, so make it relevant to your cause and the work you do!

And while the money might not directly buy a meal or go straight to your programs, your donors can be inspired knowing the difference their contribution makes to your mission.


Backed by our pioneering research

Thanks to our research into donor motivations we’ve learned that donors are more likely to give when they can measure the impact their gift is making to their cause.

With the gifts for sale in your Virtual Giftshop tied to donation amounts, they’ll know exactly the impact their donation will have towards the cause that they love – and inspire them to give generously.


How does it work? What’s included?

Your Virtual Giftshop includes:

  • Your charity’s branding throughout the Virtual Giftshop
  • Branding and logos on the eCards sent by your donors along with their chosen virtual gifts
  • Your choice of donation dollar amounts and the corresponding gifts as well as your choice of image to go with it
  • Full reporting access on your giftshop including donor and donation details.

Need help telling your supporters and donors?

We’d be happy to help!

Ask us about implementing a bespoke supporter and donor acquisition campaign for your Virtual Giftshop. We’ll work with you to plan and execute on a communications plan tailored just for your nonprofit.

Getting started with your Virtual Giftshop is easy. Get in touch with us online today.

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