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The Power of Visual Communication

A recent survey* on media consumption revealed a significant increase of 41% in video
sharing on mobile during the first half of 2013.

video-sharing-sites-300x158This statistic is reflective of increased mobile-only internet usage, as well as the engaging nature of video.

If you are not already using video as part of your marketing communication, it is time you considered how you could integrate it into your strategy to further engage supporters.

Every not-for-profit has a story to tell, whether it’s about the important work you do, the difference your donors’ contributions make, or the story of someone that has been touched by your organisation.

Using these stories as themes of different videos you create is likely to make them meaningful, memorable, and potentially something supporters and potential supporters alike will be inspired by.

Receiving DonationsWe therefore recommend making use of the option to add a video to your Everyday Hero microsite.

We also recommend posting videos on social media, and including video in ‘thank you’ and other ‘follow-up’ emails, in order to allow you to capitalise on high share rates, to expand the reach of your message and potentially acquire new supporters.

You can create your own personalised video or make use of our customised ‘video design service’. Either way, you can expect a high return on your video investment.

* Ooyala, 2013. Global Video Index Report for Q2.