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Team Fundraising – Better together

For your Supporters, the great thing about team fundraising is that they’re not alone.

TeamsPlaceholderThey feel collaborative, connected and involved. The trouble is Peer-to-Peer fundraising teams can be confusing to create and manage, until now. With our Next Generation Supporter Page we’ve completely re-designed the Team fundraising experience to make it intuitive, easy and fun.

The Page gives your Supporters the opportunity to engage with each other, to showcase what each individual is doing, and what the team is doing together. It gives your teams a collective voice, motivating them, making them accountable, and most importantly making the experience fun, memorable and something they’ll want to do again.

Feature Spotlight

Team Structure

With our Next Generation Supporter Page teams have never been easier. Team captains set up the team page, invite friends or accept join requests, set a target and start raising money. All team members have their own Page through which people can give and all donations are tallied and displayed on the team page. Team members photos are featured at the top, with their individual amounts raised to encourage friendly competition and motivate the laggards.

Aggregated Team Feed

Help your Teams tell a bigger story – their story – with the Next Generation Supporter Page’s new aggregated team feed. Here, each team member’s activity is displayed including donations made, messages of thanks, photos and all other updates.

Visit our ‘Getting Started’ page for downloadable guides and resources.

Or for more information about the next generation Supporter Page or to join Everyday  Hero, contact us.