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Start fundraising with everydayhero

everydayhero partners with major community events all over Australia. Participants in these events can create a supporter page and fundraise for their favourite cause – yours!

Raising money through inclusion in these events is easy. Maximising your fundraising just requires a little extra effort.

Here, you’ll learn how to start fundraising with everydayhero. First, pick events you’re going to take part in. Then, read on for resources to help you with the next steps.


Step one

Recruit your team


Recruiting fundraisers is easy.

Your supporters care about your cause and want to know all the different ways they can get involved and support you.

Recruit them as fundraisers by asking them to compete and raise money for you.

Start your recruitment drive at least 8 weeks before the event.

Get recruitment resources


Step two

Coach and encourage your fundraisers


Once you’ve recruited a team, the next step is to coach and encourage them to succeed. Regular contact from your organisation will keep them motivated and engaged.

More engaged fundraisers = more funds raised.

Start coaching and encouraging fundraisers from the moment they join your team. Continue right up to the start of the event.

Get coaching resources


Step three

Thank fundraisers and donors


Your team gave everything competing and fundraising for you. So thank them for their effort, energy and voice. Their time spent training and calories burned. And for all the funds they raised for you.

Make them feel good about supporting you – and wanting to do it again.

Thank their sponsors too. It’s your opportunity to tell them about your cause and engage them as new supporters.

Acknowledge and thank your fundraisers and donors as soon as the event is over.

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