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Social should be simple. And now it is.

Social is about sharing things – ideas, interests, content, passion and so much more.

And sharing should be simple, which is why the Next Generation Supporter Page is built around the concept of sharing and is fully integrated with social media.

And when we say integrated, we mean one click page sharing, liking, tweeting and updates that your supporters can choose to instantly push out to their Facebook profile.

Feature Spotlight

Sign up or Log in with Facebook

Signing up can sometimes be the most frustrating and tedious part of starting anything online. But with our Next Generation Supporter Page, your Supporters aren’t wasting time filling out fields, they’re signing up or logging in with one click using Facebook. No stress, no mess, no need for forgotten passwords, they just click the Facebook button and they’re in.

Send to a friend (or group of friends)

Your supporters want to tell people about what they’re doing for you. Sure posting a status update is great, but often times the more personal ask, is the one that gets the result. With the Next Generation Supporter Page, your supporters can send a link to their page and a personal message asking for support to a Facebook friend or group of friends but just entering their names. They don’t have to leave the page, there’s no new tabs popping up. They write their message, click send and it’s… well…sent.

Visit our ‘Getting Started’ page for downloadable guides and resources.