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Hub pages are a great way of highlighting and providing information on events and campaigns, and they are also an easy way to create a visually impactful webpage.

We can create a page quickly with one of our template designs, or we can create and build a unique design just for you, based on your organisation, website design and branding. Create a community feel by bringing in the names and faces of your amazing supporters with leaderboards and supporter walls.

Our page template has been developed specifically to tap straight in to your data in everydayhero so the information displayed is always current. We have found a page structure that works, and looks great on a mobile device. We have some examples below to show you how simply changing the design can make the hub page totally yours. Please note that the hub pages are hosted webpages rather than sitting in a Content Management System, so we’d do the maintenance and changes for you.

You can see hubs that we have already customised here.

Design 1

This is one design and content layout that we have rendered in three different ways to show you how versatile it is – as examples, we have shown a potential hospice design, an animal charity, and a more general charity. We changed the logo, footer content, the background photos and the colour scheme, so this is a great option if you need a hub page up and running quickly.

Click on the images to the right, to see a live webpage version of the design with sample content.

Design 2

Activity fundraising events are really popular so we wanted to create a design with energy that could be used for a marathon or cycle race, for example. Again, the content structure is the same but we added some more colour and taken out some straight lines!

This design can be re-used by changing the logo, background images and colours. We can also remove sections and the top menu if they are not necessary.

Design 3

Sometimes you need a design that’s clean and tidy, so we have put some thought into a different type of look and feel. This design has a mainly white background without the large photographs behind the content, and the sections are separated out with lines.

This design can be can also be re-used by changing the logo, banner photo and the three main colours used for buttons, header and footer.