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Our central organising idea is that ‘giving’ is more than money. The everydayhero API allows you creatively quantify and recognise the collective effort of your supporters. From hours trained, kilometres covered, funds raised, cakes baked, the API enables you to create a dynamic community where your supporters feel connected and part of something bigger. They can see others also contributing to your mission and can see the real impact their individual effort is making.

The API can be used to visually display metrics, pulling data from your branded events on the Heroix platform as well as major community sports events you have supporters in.

The API can provide dynamic data feeds including:

  • Funds raised – either by single event, or count of multiple events
  • Top supporters
  • Number of supporters
  • MapMyFitness data such as collective hours spent in training, kilometres covered, calories burned
  • Metrics via custom counter such as the collective number of scones baked or hours volunteered.

Learn more about our API at developer.everydayhero.com or get in touch with us online.

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