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Bulk Activation

Activate supporter pages in bulk

Bulk Activation is a ‘no hassle’ email communications program which assists your fundraising event participants to easily set up and activate a supporter page in support of your cause. Your supporters lead busy lives and filling in an online form can feel like work. By supplying us in advance with the details of your supporters, our Bulk Activation services helps them to create a supporter page for you with as little data entry as possible.

All your supporters need to do is click the ‘Activate’ button in the email they’re sent, choose a password and their page is quickly created with no fuss, no hassle.

How Bulk Activation works

Bulk Activation works by pre-creating your supporters’ pages from a database of opt-in registrants you provide to us.

We then execute a fully branded, mobile responsive HTML email campaign on your behalf, which provides them with a unique link encrypted with their details.

By clicking the ‘Activate’ button in the Bulk activation email, your supporters will arrive on your event’s everydayhero sign up screen with their name, email, phone and charity preference pre-filled.

All that’s required from your supporters is to create a password before they’re taken straight to their new supporter page.

Quick, Effective and Easy

Bulk Activation is the most simple and effective way of increasing fundraiser participation in your next event or campaign.

Simply supply your own database of opt-in fundraisers and let everydayhero generate and send the encrypted activation links on your behalf, ensuring all your potential supporters create a page to help raise money for your cause.


Your post campaign report will include send details such as open rates, bounces, unsubscribe and conversion rate. Bounce and unsubscribe lists available for download upon request.

To learn more about our Bulk Activation services, get in touch with us online.

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