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Bespoke Communication Campaigns

SMSBespoke campaigns to connect with your supporters

everydayhero can help you plan and implement a bespoke supporter activation program, either for your own campaign or a third party community event on our platform. Each supporter activation program is designed to help your supporters reach their full fundraising potential by providing encouragement, online fundraising tips as well as thanking them for their effort.

We execute supporter activation programs on your behalf and we’ll help you with segmentation of your supporters as well as tailoring the messaging to help them meet their goals. Supporter activation programs include a comprehensive post campaign analytics report to help you measure success and ROI.

Our bespoke supporter activation programs use email, SMS and charity messaging to help you acquire supporters and then increase their engagement with their supporter page.

Email campaigns

Fully mobile responsive HTML activation emails help encourage and motivate your supporters throughout their fundraising journey. Each email includes a fundraising tally for the event as well as their own fundraising progress so far.

Charity Messaging

Designed to increase your supporters’ engagement with their page. Once a Charity Message is sent, your supporters receive notification via email with a link to log in and view the message on their Page. Text as well as rich content like pictures and videos can be included in each Charity Message.


SMS is a fast and direct way to engage your supporters and activate them if they have not yet begun raising money. Short, clear and to the point messages let your deliver a message of encouragement or thanks to your supporters in a timely and targeted manner.

Activation Programs Available:

Choose below from some of our most popular supporter activation programs or speak to us about designing a completely bespoke communication campaign.

Platinum: 5 emails, 4 Charity Messages and 2 SMS over a 10 week period.
Gold: 4 emails, 3 Charity Messages and 1 SMS over a 6 week period.
Silver: 2 emails, 2 Charity Messages over a 4 week period.


Your post campaign report will include open rates, bounces, unsubscribes and click throughs, with bounce and unsubscribe lists available for download upon request.

To learn more about our bespoke communication campaigns, get in touch with us online.

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