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Inviting members to a Single Page Team

Follow the instructions below to invite members to join a Single Page Team.

Create an email invitation for fundraisers to join your team. In the email be sure to include:

• The link to the Team’s Fundraising Page.
• The TEAM Password.

The fundraiser can then go to the team page:

• Click the “Join this Team” button
• Create his/her personal login profile ie: a personal user name, a personal password, personal details. This information identifies each as a member of the team and as a fundraiser. This is not related to the Team Leader’s login information.
• Enter the Team password

The fundraiser will receive a confirmation screen directing them to the team’s URL as the link they can share. Donors would select their name from a drop down list when making a donation. This would then dedicate the donation to the specific donor they have selected.

Note: If Team Leader is adding multiple team members from the same computer, please “Log out” after joining each new team member. Once logged out, you must then return to the Fundraising Page and again hit the “Join this Team” button to start the process afresh. Do this each time you add a new team member from the same computer.

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