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Editing a Multi Page Team

Follow the instructions below to edit a Multi Page Team.

For you to access your Fundraiser Account page (Dashboard) for editing etc:

From your Team Fundraising Page click on “login” in the top right hand corner:

• Enter your personal Username/Hero name
• Enter your personal password.

Once in your Fundraiser Account Page (Dashboard), you are able to edit, add or change the features of the Team Headquarters page.

To view all Team Members on a Multi Page Team Page

If your fundraising page has more than ten team members, they will not all show on the Team Headquarters page. Should you wish to view all team members in your Team, without running a report, you can do so following the below steps:

From your fundraising page or the campaign page

• Select ” Sponsor a Friend” in the navigation bar up the top of the page.
• Enter the Team Name and you can view all team members.
• This will provide you with a list of the team members currently in this team.

Learn how to invite members to a Multi Page Team ->

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