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Building a Multi Page Team

Follow the instructions below to build a Multi Page Team as part of an event.

From the Event fundraising page select: “Start Fundraising”

Enter your Charity name in the “Search” box

Enter a Username
Enter a Personal Password
Complete personal details

Please be aware that whatever is entered as the first name and surname is what will display on the fundraising page in the blog beside “Posted by”. If you do not wish this to be a person’s name you can enter the name of a charity/company. For example, First Name: My Surname: Charity would then display as My Charity.

Then click “Continue to next step”

You will be asked the type of page you want to create:

• Select “Team”
• Change the radio button to Team with Many Pages.
• Enter a “Team Name”
• Enter a “TEAM” Password (this is given out to fundraisers as it is used to join the team. It is recommended this be something easy to remember)
• Complete your Team Page.

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