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Team Fundraising

This section has been designed to provide our Charity Partners with information about Team Fundraising and practical instructions to provide a better understanding of how to build, edit and invite team members. Use this section to train your volunteers, fundraising and communications departments to help them with providing assistance to Supporters as part of Peer-to-Peer events.

Team Types

Single Page Team

A Single Page Team lists all Supporters against the one Team Fundraising Page. Supporters are required to create an Everyday Hero log-in to join the team. However this log-in will not reflect any donations raised against the Single Page Team, nor will it allow a team member to edit the Team Fundraising Page. Edits such as amending the blog or uploading a photo can only be done by the team leader.

The team leader can be found by looking at the name after the “Posted by…” on a blog entry.

When making a donation, donors are provided with a drop down list of all team members. If no team member is selected the donation is made to the team, without being dedicated to an individual’s total. These donations are then listed below the list of team members.

For instructions on how to build/edit a Single Page Team and invite team members, click on the buttons on the right.


Multi Page Team

A Multi Page Team has a Team Headquarters Page and allows team members to have Individual Supporter Pages linked to the team. The Team Headquarters Page will display only the Top Ten Team Members (sorted by total amount raised).

Donations made to an Individual Supporter Page that is a member of a team will also display in the Supporters sections of the Team Headquarters Page. A team total will display across the top of each Team Fundraising Page.

For instructions on how to build/edit a Multi Page Team and invite team members, click on the buttons on the right.


Teams within Teams

Currently our functionality does not allow one team to  join another.

However, it is possible to have the appearance of a team within a team. In order to do this you would set up a Multi Page Team. When joining an individual to the team you would need to ensure the first name and surname fields of the individual’s account are entered as the name of the team.

For example, first name: team surname: charity. This would then list the Individual Supporter Page with a Supporter’s name of Team Charity thus giving it the appearance of a team.