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What Charities Should Know About Google+

Google+++Google+ is still fairly young when compared to other social media sites, only celebrating it’s 2 year birthday, however that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed. Google+ has many features that set it apart from other social platforms and it shouldn’t just be viewed as another Facebook.

The audience you find on Google+ won’t necessarily be as large as on other social sites due to lower user numbers however they are more engaged and more likely to pay attention to what you say without all the distractions they find on Facebook for example.

Google+ has a great feature called Communities. These are a terrific place to find and digoogle-plus-icons1scuss topics you find of interest or that are relevant to your charity. Unlike Facebook you are able to join the Community as a brand. Communities can be public or private.

You can also use Google+ for free video calls with their Hangouts.  You can have Hangouts with more than one person which makes them a useful way to have conversations with your community in a formal or informal manner. You can also record your Hangouts and share documents in them so they can be used for demonstrations or discussions that once saved are available for upload to Youtube.

Another bonus is that just by being active on your Google+ account you improve your search results on the Google search engine.