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Event fundraising more social than you think

Recent findings from a survey* of peer-to-peer fundraisers using everydayhero, found that of those that shared their fundraising page, 98% did so on Facebook.

It’s undeniable that social media is increasingly playing a pivotal role in a fundraiser’s journey by helping to raise awareness of their efforts (and your cause) and as a platform through which to ask for support.

So how often are your fundraisers sharing to their social networks?

Our survey found that over half of those fundraisers who used social media to promote their fundraising, shared their page through Facebook more than twice with 70% choosing to share directly from their fundraising page using the social media icons.

Notably, the majority used their laptop or desktop computer when sharing, with just over 24% using their mobile phone.

But just how are your fundraisers using social media?

When asked what Facebook ‘sharing’ action they used, 93% of fundraisers posted on their timeline while 24% opted to send a private message to friends and family. Other secondary actions included posting on a friend’s timeline and posting to a group page.

With personal asks found to be the most effective in prompting sponsorship, why not encourage your donors to send at least one personal message through Facebook with a link to their fundraising page and some information about why they are supporting your cause.

everydayhero’s social media functionality empowers your fundraisers to quickly and easily send a direct personal ask to a specific selection of Facebook friends by just typing in their names. Learn more about our social media integration.

 *Survey conducted between 12th July – 11th September 2012 in collaboration with research partner More Strategic