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5 Tips To Share With Your Supporters

Not all Supporters are Experienced Fundraisers

A major insight from a recent survey* highlighted many fundraising event participants are novice fundraisers, who lack confidence and are reticent to ask effectively for sponsorship. As such investing time into coaching these Supporters will have a positive effect on your organisation’s overall fundraising potential, by increasing their confidence and efficiency. To empower your supporters we recommend the following tips…

5 Essential Fundraising Tips To Share With Your Supporters

social-sharing1. Forward your supporters copy they can include in emails,
as this will encourage them to email their network to request peer-donations.
– 60% of donors came to donate in response to an email they received from a supporter.

2. Encourage supporters to share their fundraising goals and activity on social media.
– 24% of people surveyed suggested they came to donate in response to a giving reminder on Facebook.

3. Encourage your supporters to start a team and ask friends to join.
– Team runners raise more.

4. Prompt your supporters to ask for a specific and tangible donation amount.
– 42% of people surveyed said they would respond to a specific ask.

5. Encourage supporters to be the first to donate to their page, and to donate the amount they wish others to give to establish this norm.

*Survey conducted between 12th July – 11th September 2012 in collaboration with research partner More Strategic