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10 Tips to Improve Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Based on key insights from into peer-to-peer fundraiser and donor motivations by everydayhero and More Strategic, see below our 10 easy-to-implement tips for growing your Peer-to-Peer fundraising.

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1. Encourage e-mail
While social media is an important medium, fundraisers who e-mail more will raise more – it is a direct ask. US research shows that Social Media users tend to e-mail more as well. These people are your most sophisticated fundraisers.

2. Help story telling
Some of our most fundamental fundraising principles are forgotten in peer-to-peer fundraising. People who include information about why they support the charity in their emails to prospective sponsors are more likely to raise more money, yet around 60% only use the standard template provided by the charity.

3. Segment your communications by gender
Speak to males and females differently. Understand they are tapping into different networks and are going to attract different gift levels.

4. Love your teams and team leaders
Team leaders are natural organisers and they usually self-volunteer. Generally they are more social and have wider social networks. One team leader is worth multiple fundraisers.

5. Think for the long term – retention multiplies
A Blackbaud study into team captains found on average 41% of participants who raise funds are retained from one year to the next. Retained participants account for about 53% of the current year revenue. Multi-year team captains raise two to three times more than new team captains.

6. Encourage better target setting
Give your fundraisers an individual target/ambition and make that part of their story – “I really want to raise $1,000 because I know it will…”

7. Improve the first gift
Set the social norms. Encourage fundraisers to ask an individual to make a first gift before a broadcast e-mail. Only half of fundraisers donate to themselves. This is another way to set the ‘social norm’ if given anonymously.

8. It’s not just the fundraisers
Ensure you thank all Peer Donors and acknowledge their gift and fundraiser relationship. These people are potential new supporters.

9. Leverage your corporate supporters
Approach corporate supporters to enter teams. Ensure you have direct access to motivate team leaders.

10. Don’t give up
Keep marketing to your fundraisers and motivating them for the whole event as the last two weeks always see a spike in donations.