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Posted Thursday 11th July, 2013 at 3:31:02

Supporter Page Navigation & Design Enhancements

SidebarWe’ve had a lot of wonderful feedback about our Next Generation Supporter Page, but we’re always listening and looking for ways to make it easier and more enjoyable to use (and more beautiful!). As a product of this ongoing quest we have just released new page styling and navigation enhancements based on Supporter feedback and ongoing usability testing.

Visit a Supporter Page now and you’ll notice that the list of Donors looks a lot sleeker and has been moved to the top of the sidebar to increase prominence (and to help better acknowledge donors’ contributions). This section displays 5 donations by default with the option to ‘see more’, and cleverly anchors directly to the donation on the Page itself when a donor’s name is clicked.

We’ve also added an ‘Edit this Supporter Page’ button right under the profile picture to help your Supporters more easily edit their Page’s details. Other styling changes include more distinct sectioning of sidebar elements and cleaner Leaderboard functionality.

Supporter initiated enabling and disabling of Pages

Enable PageIt’s here! Supporters now have complete control of the enabling and disabling of their Supporter Pages within your defined campaign period. This means that your Supporters no longer need to contact us to have their previously disabled page, re-enabled, as they can now easily ‘switch it back on’ themselves straight from their Page. All they have to do is login to their account, click ‘edit page’ and then click the blue ‘Enable page’ link at the bottom.

Alternatively they can simply view their page while logged in, click on the orange banner above the ‘give now’ button and select to re-enable their page.

Either way, your Supporters can now easily re-initiate their fundraising activities with just the click of a button, which is good news for you and great news for them.

New Custom Counter field in Reports

We’ve also recently added a new ‘Custom Counter’ field to the custom Fundraising Page and Fundraiser Detail reports in the second last column on the right. If you have set up automatic mapping to your CRM system, please update it to accommodate this new field.

For more information on Custom Counter functionality, please contact your Account Manager or call 1300 798 768.

Page Name FeaturePosted Wednesday 3rd July, 2013 at 8:53:58

New ‘Page Name’ Field on Supporter Pages

Exciting news! We have now made it even easier for Supporters to personalise their Page through the addition of a ‘Page Name’ field.

This field enables Supporters to enter a name for their Page, which displays instead of their name underneath the profile photo. The ‘Page Name’ field also makes it easier to distinguish Pages for situations where a single Supporter has more than one active Page inside their account.

‘Page Name’ Field in Reports

Page Name in Report

The ‘Page Name’ field has also been included as an additional column in both the Fundraiser Detail Report (pre-defined) and the Fundraising Page Report (custom). This means you will be easily able to differentiate multiple pages created under one account when you download your report.

But what about Supporters who have already signed up, you ask? Well, when they next log in and edit their details, they will be able to enter their phone number and this field will automatically populate inside your reports the next time you run them.

Posted Wednesday 12th June, 2013 at 9:44:27am

Since the release of our Next Generation Supporter Page earlier this year, one key area around which we’ve received feedback from our charity partners is the need to capture more Supporter data to help you with your stewardship programmes.

Smart Address Field during Page Creation

Smart Address FieldYou’ve spoken and we’ve heard you, which is why we’ve just added a smart address field to the Supporter Page creation process. This means that whenever someone creates a Page, they will be prompted to enter their address. This smart address field uses the Google Geocoding API to dynamically match your Supporters’ addresses to a ‘real’ address as they begin typing; saving them time and helping to validate the data! As with all other details your Supporters provide the smart ‘address’ field will be instantly accessible to you inside your usual fundraising reports, mapping to existing address data columns.

Phone Number on Sign Up

Phone Number FieldIn addition to the ‘address’ field, the existing ‘phone number’ field on the initial sign up screen is now mandatory. This provides our charity partners with the ability to contact Supporters and thank them for their efforts. From now on, each time a Supporter signs up to create a Page for you they will be required to enter a phone number before proceeding.

But what about Supporters who have already signed up, you ask? Well, when they next log in and edit their details, they will be able to enter their phone number and this field will automatically populate inside your reports the next time you run them.

Posted Monday 27th May, 2013 at 1:04:02pm

Interactive Checklist on Next Generation Supporter Pages

Our research shows that Supporters who are more active on their Page, raise more for their cause. That’s why we’ve just released a clever little interactive checklist to Next Generation Supporter Pages. This checklist is an easy way for Supporters to learn about the 4 small things they can do on their Page that will make a BIG difference to their fundraising.

When a Supporter creates a new Page this checklist appears above their ‘Personal Story’, and automatically ‘checks off ‘ each action as it is completed. The Supporter can choose to complete an action by clicking on it, or hide the checklist at any time. By completing the 4 small actions, Supporters are not only personalising their page, but also sharing it with their networks in just a few clicks.

To see the checklist live, log in or sign up for a Giving Passport here to create your own Supporter Page.

Posted Monday 25th March, 2013 at 8:47:20am

Charity Messaging | A revolution in communicating with your Peer-to-Peer Supporters

Communicating with and engaging your Peer-to-Peer Supporters can often be challenging for charities of all sizes. That’s why we’ve just released our Charity Messaging module which allows you to send messages of encouragement, advice and thanks directly to your Supporter’s Pages.

Everyday Hero’s Charity Messaging module is a great way to get your Supporter’s regularly visiting their Pages (to see your messages) and is a low-cost, easy and effective activation and conversion tool. After all, where better to communicate with your Supporters, than on their Pages? Send them tips, tell them about fundraising incentives, share inspiring videos or images – with Charity Messaging your options are endless.

To learn more about the Charity Messaging module, watch this video.

Posted Thursday 28th February, 2013 at 10:22:46am

Next Generation Supporter Page

We are excited to announce the system-wide launch of our completely mobile, fully social Next Generation Supporter Page.

The Next Generation Page puts fundraising in your Supporter’s pockets, on their couch, in the park, or wherever they are training. From signing up to giving, the Page and process has been rebuilt using responsive design. Supporters can upload photos on the run, instantly respond to donations and engage with their Page anywhere, any time.

New features include:

  • Completely mobile responsive design, where elements on the Page actually rearrange themselves depending on the mobile device the Page is being viewed on.
  • Fully social – advanced social media integration to make spreading the word about your cause even easier for your Supporters
  • New dynamic Supporter Page activity feed providing a dynamic real-time record of your Supporters’ journey and actions. Supporters can post updates and photos straight to their page from any device, and instantly share with friends on social media.
  • New collaborative team functionality, that gives your teams a collective voice, motivates them, makes them accountable, and most importantly making the experience fun, memorable and something they’ll want to do again.

To learn more about the Next Generation Supporter Page, visit fundraisingisonthemove.com

To read about the changes in Heroix or access related charity resources, click here.

Posted Monday 6th August, 2012 at 3:01:23pm

Get social with our recent Heroix updates

To empower our Charity Partners to leverage the power of social media as both a communication and fundraising channel, Everyday Hero has made several updates to its social media functionality. These features are designed to enhance the connection between you and your Supporters, and your Supporters and your campaigns, and include:

1. Fundraising page share button design updates to enhance visibility and encourage Supporters to use social media to share their Supporter Page

2. Charity social media buttons added to all fundraising pages to allow Supporters to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you straight from the fundraising page itself

3. Charity social media link updates on all campaign microsites allowing Supporters to connect with you on social media without leaving the microsite

4. NEW social widget now available for all microsites. Once switched on inside the ‘Edit Microsite’ tab, this widget will automatically appear on your microsite, presenting a prominent ‘Like’ button, and displaying a newsfeed of your last 4-5 posts so your supporters can see what you’re up to.

5. Campaign Connect – connect your Supporters with your campaigns inside Facebook. Learn more.

This updates are all live inside your account and across all fundraising pages on the Everyday Hero platform. If you would like further information about these changes or have further questions, please contact our Customer Support Team on 1300 798 768.

Posted Monday 28th May, 2012 at 9:41:55pm

More ways to donate with Paypal

Everyday Hero currently offer your donors the widest range of payment options available, including VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, BPAY and Australia Post Billpay. And now we are delighted to announce the inclusion of Paypal.

This means that donors can now choose to make a donation straight from their bank account or associated credit card using their Paypal account.

As with all of Everyday Hero’s donation options, Paypal is both secure and widely accepted, giving your donors even more choice and convenience when supporting you. In addition to the normal the service fee, Paypal donations will attract a further 1.1% fee + $0.30 with an extra 1% fee for international transactions.

Posted Tuesday 6th March, 2012 at 4:06:32pm

Everyday Hero and The Raiser’s Edge integrate

Everyday Hero and Blackbaud are delighted to announce that a new import bridge is now available, allowing Charity Partners to import data from their Everyday Hero account into The Raiser’s Edge using a pre-defined report.

The new pre-defined report has been co-developed with Blackbaud to map donor and Supporter data directly into The Raiser’s Edge via a new plugin.

Organisations not already using the The Raiser’s Edge as their CRM system will need to select The Raiser’s Edge as their CRM through the ‘Profile’ tab inside their Everyday Hero account to begin using this new report.

Watch this webinar recording for a complete end-to-end demonstration, and to learn how to:

  • Activate the new, free feature inside your Everyday Hero account
  • Access and download the new report, designed to map fundraiser and donor data directly into The Raiser’s Edge
  • Use the new Raiser’s Edge plugin to import the data

Posted Tuesday 20th December, 2011 at 12:01:48pm

NEW Custom microsite colour scheme and background feature

Everyday Hero has recently released several exciting new features to help our Charity Partners further enhance and customise the look and feel of their campaign websites created using Heroix.

When creating campaigns in Heroix, in addition to the existing 270 colour palette options available, customers can now choose to create their own custom colour scheme by inputting hex codes for the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Now also available is the option to upload a background image which will display on either side of the microsite, donation form and all associated Supporter Pages.

Watch this short video tutorial to learn more about how to access this feature.


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