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Most Frequently Used Reports

One of the major benefits of online fundraising through Everyday Hero is the ease by which our charity partners can access, manage and track fundraiser and donor data through both predefined and custom reports. To assist with choosing the right report to run, here is some information on the top 5 most frequently used reports.

1. Donation detail report

You can run the donation detail report to give you information about your donors, including the fundraising page any given donation was made to, if applicable. You can specify a specific campaign and date range if you would like to filter the data to be returned. This report will also tell you whether each donor has opted in to receive further communication from yourselves.

2. Fundraiser detail report

If you run the fundraiser detail report it will give you information about your fundraisers. Much like the donation detail report you can specify a campaign for this report.

3. Financial statements

From the Financial Statements area you can see the remittance advice and transaction detail for both donations and Gift Cards remitted to you. As gift cards are remitted separately you can tell these reports apart by the second column, which will state “Gift Cards” instead of “Donations”. Gift cards are also remitted a month at a time, unlike donations which are remitted fortnightly.

4. Report Builder

For our Heroix charities, there is also the Report Builder function which can be accessed by selecting the ‘New Custom Report’ button in the top right of the Reports section of Heroix. From this drop down a charity can choose to create a custom registration, donation, or fundraiser report and drag, drop and rename relevant data fields so these reports can be easily imported into any CRM. These custom reports can also be saved for reuse, to alleviate the need to re-create them each time.

5. Regular Givers

Regular Givers As part of Everyday Hero’s Regular Giving solution, a specific report is available that provides all the details of these regular donors and their gifts. If you run this report you will find it includes the donation frequency, as well as other useful information. This will also tell you if Regular Giving has been cancelled for a specific donor, and the date on which it was cancelled.