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iPhone-5S-3-colors-Mock-upPosted Tuesday 2nd September, 2014 at 10:17:12

Supporters can now share their page to Google+

Supporters can now use the ‘share’ button on their page to share it directly to their Google+ page, in addition to their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Your supporters who share their page with their network on Google+ are sharing with a different audience to users of other mainstream social media networks. Google+ users are typically more educated and have higher incomes.

Additionally, content posted to Google+ can help your nonprofit improve its SEO score and improve your website’s page rank in Google searches.

The ability to share a page via Google+ is now available on all supporter pages.

You can learn more about the benefits of Google+ and why it’s worth creating a presence for your nonprofit in our past webinar recording – The Art of Digital Marketing.

Posted Monday 14th July, 2014 at 11:53:12

Charity Messaging module updated for major community events

newmessagesCommunicating with and engaging your Peer-to-Peer Supporters can be challenging for charities of all sizes. It can be time consuming to segment on fundraising activity and create different messages for each of your different audiences.

So, in time for Running Season, we’ve added some extra firepower to our Charity Messaging module.

It now allows charities with the module to send direct messages through the platform to their Supporters participating in a major community run/walk/ride event. It allows you to send messages of encouragement, advice and thanks directly to these Supporters who are fundraising for you in one of these events and encourages them to keep visiting their page. 

To send a Charity Message to your Supporters in an event:

  1. Start by visiting the Messaging tab within your account.
  2. Set up your targeting to Supporters in one of your own events, or your Supporters in a major community event.
  3. Compose your message – including imagery, YouTube video links
  4. Segment the recipients by page creation date, amount raised, percentage of goal reached, or by Supporter type (individual Supporter, Team member, Team leader).

Your Supporters will receive an email letting them know they have a message to read on their Supporter Page, with a button to take them there.

The Charity Messaging module is an optional module available to all current Heroix members. To learn more about purchasing Charity Messaging, simply contact us.

Posted Monday 26th May, 2014 at 11:23:12


Supporter Pages now import Facebook profile photos

We extensively research how Supporters engage with our platform. We want to understand their behaviours and what helps them achieve amazing fundraising results for you. Over the years we’ve learnt that even the smallest changes can make a big difference.

One big difference is the simple addition of a profile photo to a Supporter Page – we’ve seen this helps your Supporters raise an extra 10% on your behalf.


So now, when your Supporters create a new page using their Facebook account details, the Everyday Hero platform automatically inputs their Facebook profile photo. Of course, they can easily change it if they prefer to use another image. Supporters who prefer to sign up with their email address are still encouraged to upload a picture manually when they initially create their page.

This feature is now available to all charities for all newly created Supporter Pages.

Heroix members can now customise their default Twitter share message.

Screen-Shot-2014-05-26-at-10.29.04-amWhen your Supporters share their page link on Twitter using their page’s Share button, they can post it to their followers along with a pre-populated default message. This message gives your Supporters a prompt of what to say and by default looks like this:

Help me make a difference for a cause I care about. @everydayhero #everythingcounts [Supporter Page link]

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.35.15 amWe’ve added a new feature for our Heroix members to customise this pre-populated message. You can expand your charity’s social media reach by adding custom text about why your Supporters’ donors should give to your cause, custom hashtags or your charity’s Twitter @username.

Screen-Shot-2014-05-26-at-10.33.29-amThis feature is set in your account and the custom text you choose will become the default share message for all of your online campaigns. Simply log in, visit your profile and enter your custom text in the new field, Twitter P2P Share Text.

Posted Thursday 1st May, 2014 at 12:45:51

Donor Uplift

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 8.49.10 amWe’re pleased to release our latest module, Donor Uplift. It allows your donors to contribute a little extra if they choose to, uplifting the dollar value of the gift you receive. We tested 30,000 online donations prior to launch, and learnt that Donor Uplift can increase your donation revenue by 3.65%, with more than 70% of donors choosing to take up the call to action.

With Donor Uplift, a checkbox will appear on the donation form, giving donors the choice to contribute a little bit extra. When the box is checked, your donors will see their gift’s total updated automatically.

Gifts given via everydayhero.com.au or a major community event are uplifted at a 5% gift increase. Heroix members can toggle Donor Uplift on each of their campaigns and configure the uplift rate between 3-10%.

To celebrate the launch, we have switched Donor Uplift on for all Everyday Hero members to trial at no cost until June 30, 2014.

Read more about Donor Uplift.

Posted Tuesday 15th April, 2014 at 10:31:14

Heartbleed Security Update

Recently, a vulnerability was disclosed in a technology called OpenSSL, widely used to provide encryption for the large majority of online services.

We wanted to update you on Everyday Hero’s response and reassure you our platform is safe for your Supporters and donors to continue to use.

We took immediate action to secure our platform against this vulnerability. Systems using OpenSSL have been patched to remove the vulnerability. We have replaced all security certificates regardless of whether they may have been compromised. After a comprehensive review, we have no reason to believe that any information was compromised from our platform.

We know you trust us to provide the highest level of security and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Any exposure to this vulnerability that may have existed has now been closed off. As an added precaution, we recommend that you now change the password of your charity’s Everyday Hero account.

To do this, log in to your account and navigate to ‘settings’ to update your password.

Posted Thursday 20th March, 2014 at 12:36:12

MapMyFitness launched

MMFAll Next Generation Supporter Pages now feature MapMyFitness integration. Your Supporters can download MapMyFitness to their smartphone and quickly and easily integrate the app with their page to show the time, distance and energy they’re giving for your cause.

Making your Supporters’ efforts visible really feeds their what we call the support cycle. It motivates your Supporters because it records the toil they have put in. This concurrently inspires their donors to get behind them more with donations and words
 of encouragement, which then spurs your Supporters on even more to keep going. And so the cycle goes on.

We’re already seeing some great feedback from Supporters who are already sharing their workout activity from these apps with their donors. They love that they can share their training for the causes they care about while being acknowledged for all their hard yards.

MMFIntegrationYou can now make MapMyFitness a part of your peer-to-peer campaign. Just encourage your Supporters to post their training activity given for your cause or event on their Supporter Page.

To really align your event with a specific fitness activity, MapMyFitness have a suite of apps which you can encourage your Supporters to use.

WALK-icon MapMyWalk    RUN-icon MapMyRun    RIDE-icon MapMyRide     HIKE-icon MapMyHike    icon100x100 MapMyDogWalk

Updates to our registrations offering in testing

We’re current testing and refining a new, great looking and mobile responsive registrations offering. There’s a raft of new powerful features including the ability to set and forget early bird pricing, standalone shopping card functionality to allow you to sell event merchandise and multiple ticket types.

Of course, the new offering is fully integrated with Heroix, ensuring every registrant receives a Supporter Page as part of their registration journey.

Watch this space for more information soon.

Posted Thursday 12th December, 2013 at 11:22:02

Donor-surchargingIntroducing Donor Surcharging

We are very pleased to introduce Donor Surcharging on a trial basis for donations made through www.everydayhero.com.au. This exciting new feature will assist you to increase your net donations, by allowing Donors to contribute to the cost of your online fundraising, if they choose to.

Did you know? On a similar Blackbaud product, 94% of Donors choose to pay the donation surcharge!

About our Donor Surcharging Trial

During the trial period, beginning mid December 2013, Donor Surcharging will be activated for donations made through our website.The trial will enable us to seek customer and user feedback, and analyse conversion improvements, to then expand on the functionality.

Donor Surcharging

If you wish to exclude your charity from this trial, please contact our Customer Support team and they will deactivate this feature.

What your Donors will see

A checkbox now appears under the the ‘donation amount’ section on the Donation. This checkbox gives Donors the option to offset administrative costs if they choose to. During the trial period this box may or may not be automatically ticked by default depending on the test being conducted at the time of donation. The surcharge amount is shown dynamically underneath the checkbox showing Donors exactly how much they are donating in total.

Benefits to your Organisation

Donor Surcharging comparison imageDonor Surcharging will increase the dollar value of donations you receive, where the Donor has chosen to pay the Donor Surcharge (see illustrated example to the right). This means Donors cover more of the Everyday Hero service fee to reduce your expenses and increase your net donations.

Benefits to Donors

Donors get satisfaction out of being able to contribute to the cost of the transaction knowing the beneficiary receives a greater portion of their intended donation. Additionally, the entire donation amount (including the surcharge) is tax deductible if the donation beneficiary has ‘deductable gift recipient’ status.

Following the Trial Period

After the trial is complete, customers will have the option to purchase Donor Surcharging at an additional cost. For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

Update to the Regular Giving sign-up Email

We have now simplified the email Donor’s receive upon registering for Regular Giving. The total annual amount of the donation will continue to be displayed, but will be included in the reoccurring donation detail section instead. The new format is viewable in the image to the right, the text in red indicating the change of text and format.

MapMyFitness Integration in Beta

MMFIntegrationCurrently in beta testing phase with a group of early adopters, MapMyFitness integration will soon be offered platform-wide to allow Supporters to post their training progress to the activity feed on their Supporter Page.

Information posted can include distance, time, speed, calories burned and a map of their training run or ride.

More information on this integration coming soon…

Posted Tuesday 1st October, 2013 at 3:55:02

Instant Social Push Updates are Here!

We know you’ve been waiting with baited breath, and so have we. That’s why we are very pleased to announce that our exciting Instant Social Push functionality has just been released.

Instant Social Push UpdatesThis is big news for your Supporters because it means that they can instantly share updates, photos and videos with their social networks whenever they post to their Supporter Page’s activity feed.

This makes spreading the word about what they are doing even easier and all shared posts link back to their Supporter Page, encouraging their friends to read more about what they’re doing and make a donation.

Full control over what is shared and when

Instant Share to FacebookAnd the even better news is that your Supporters have full control over what posts are shared on social media. So no accidental auto-shares, just easy user-initiated sharing each time they post.

Once your Supporters have connected their social accounts to their Everyday Hero account, they simply need to click on the icon of the social network they wish to share their post to. They can share on Facebook, Twitter or both at the same time, and the post is pushed out instantly at the same time as it appears on their Supporter Page’s activity Feed.Retrospective Posting

But what if they forget to share when they post to their Page?

Well we’ve thought of that too! All updates on the activity feed now have a ‘Post’ and ‘Tweet’ button which means your Supporters can retrospectively share, whenever they want to.

 Managing social connections

Connecting their social media accounts is also really simple. Your Supporters can either do this using the ‘Manage Connections’ section of their Everyday HeroManaging Social Connections Account, or they can connect their social media accounts on the fly when they first choose to use the Instant Push Functionality to share an update.

For those Supporters that have signed up to Everyday Hero using Facebook, this social network will already be connected so they can start sharing straight away.

Ultimately, we know your Supporters want choice and control over what they post, so we’ve designed our social share functionality with this in mind.

Team Page Management Enhancements

Team Page Management EnhancementsWe’ve also just released a few in-Page enhancements that will help Team Leaders more easily manage their Team. We’ve reduced the number of ‘sidebar’ Team Options in favour of more prominent buttons and prompts displayed in the ‘Team Members’ section. This allows Team Leaders to quickly add and remove Team Members.

Team Leaders will also be pleased to note that we’ve moved team invitations and requests into this section as well, so when logged in, they can instantly see and approve these straight from the Team Page itself without being redirected to another screen.

Posted Wednesday 25th September, 2013 at 13:20:59

Following a major upgrade of our platform, a number of new and exciting features have been released.

Features for YouAdditional information added to Notification Email

Additional information added to ‘New Supporter Page’ Notification Emails

The notification email that is sent to you when a Supporter creates a new Page has been updated.

The Supporters’ full address, the name of the campaign they are fundraising in and the link to the campaign have been added to the existing information provided in this email.

This will enable you to more easily contact new Supporters and segment them accordingly.

Set default page goalSet the Default Supporter Page Goal for your Campaigns

You can now set the default goal that you want new Supporter Pages to receive for each of your campaigns, providing greater flexibility and customisation.

The $700 default goal for new Supporter Pages remains for each campaign if you choose not to use this feature.

It is important to note that if you set your own default Page goal, Supporters will still be able to change this on their Page by clicking on their goal and changing it to their preferred value.

Set the Default Personal Story for Supporter Pages in your CampaignsSet default story

You can now set a default heading and text to appear in the Personal Story section on Supporter Pages, allowing you to align more closely with your campaign’s messaging.

These will appear when the Supporter first creates a Page, and the default story will remain until the Supporter personalises it.

You can pre-define this text for each of your campaigns and can enter different text to appear on individual and Team Supporter Pages.

At any time you can reset back to the system ‘default text’ by clicking the grey link in the top right.

Features for Your Supporters

Publish charity messagesPublish Charity Messages to Supporter Page Activity Feed

You now have the ability to allow your Supporters to ‘post’ messages you’ve sent them through the Charity Messaging module onto their Page’s activity feed.

This means that your Supporters can share any videos, images and information you send to their Page with their friends.

New ‘Page Name’ Field for Supporter Pages

New 'Display Name' FieldSupporters who manage multiple Pages from inside the one account are now able to specify a ‘Page Name’ for each Page.

This name is displayed on the Page’s activity feed and underneath the profile photo instead of the account holder’s name to establish clearer ‘ownership’ of, and differentiation between, each Page.

This is particularly beneficial for families where one parent is managing multiple Pages for other family members, as each person’s name can be displayed on their Page while the management of all Pages is in one central account.

Custom Team Member Invitation MessageTeam Invite Personalisation

Great news! Team Leaders can now include a custom message in the Team Member invitation email.

This helps to create a more personal connection between the Team Leader and the person they are inviting, increasing the likelihood of the invitee joining the team and supporting your cause.

Team Leaders are prompted to add their own message when entering prospective team member’s email addresses.

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