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2017 Donation Payments Calendar

All donation monies are processed by everydayhero on a fortnightly basis with a cut off on Saturdays Midnight, and funds are disbursed to Charity bank accounts on the subsequent Friday. Funds may take 3 business days to appear due to bank processing times. Remittances are available through the online log in on the Friday. e.g. Donations Period 14/01/2017-28/01/2017 are released on 03/02/2017.

The below calendar shows the fortnightly donation periods for 2017.

Please note: Registration monies (not included in the calendar below) are processed monthly with the pay period following the calendar month.

Funds are disbursed on or before the 15th day of the following month e.g. Registrations 01/01/2017-31/01/2017 are released on 14/02/2017.

If you have further questions about both donation and registration monies please get in touch online. You can view the calendar below.

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