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Campaign Templates

When you need a campaign up and running quickly, getting the imagery together can really slow you down – especially if you don’t have a designer available at a moment’s notice. We have put together five image packages to help you on your way. You can add your logos and use them as they are, or you can use them as a base for your build’s design. All you have to do is download the collection that works best for you, for free.

If you’d like a campaign with extra impact or something more intricate, you can see all of the services we offer in our Services Section on this website or send us a message at notforprofits@everydayhero.co.uk.

How to use the templates

Choose which of the five styles best suits your needs, then download the zip file. The images can then be edited and uploaded straight into everydayhero.

Each style’s zip file contains the following images:

  • A background image that can also be used for both campaign and supporter pages.
  • Three versions of the campaign banner image to choose from – a photo to match the page background, plain white, and plain black.
  • Supporter banner – this is transparent, and includes a fine outline of where the supporter’s photo sits so that you can make sure that any logos or imagery you add won’t sit under the photo if you don’t want it to.

The images are the correct dimensions and saved to a file size under 300kb for safe & easy uploading into your new campaign. Note: If you edit the transparent banner, make sure that it’s still transparent after you’ve saved your changes!


You can upload button images rather than using the default buttons to help make your campaign a little more unique. We have created three packages of buttons with different designs so that you can choose the set that suits your branding best. Each downloadable zip file contains a button each for:

  • Log in
  • Start fundraising
  • Register
  • Donate now

Download the templates

Click on your chosen theme below to download the zip file directly to your computer. If you have trouble with the images or uploading them to your campaign, we can help – contact your account manager, call us at 0845 680 9720 (choose option 3) or email notforprofits@everydayhero.co.uk.


300kb zip file


175kb zip file


290kb zip file


315kb zip file


340kb zip file


Set 1

10kb zip file

Set 2

8kb zip file

Set 3

7kb zip file

Image editing

There are some great options if your organisation doesn’t have an inhouse designer or design agency to help with image generation. Here at everydayhero, we love Canva – a free simple image editing system which has a paid-for version that offers more options. Photoshop Elements is a more affordable, pared-down version of Photoshop that includes all the good stuff.

If you’d like an online crash course on image editing, YouTube and lynda.com offer great resources.

Our top tips

  • When adding photos to your campaign, try to save them at the size that you’d like them to display on the page. Shrinking down a large image means that it will still have a large file size and take longer to download, slowing down your page load time. Stretching a small image to be larger will impact on its quality, making it look grainy or distorted.
  • Keep your campaign banner and background images below 300kb in file size. Most image editors have a “save for web” option that will help keep file size as small as possible without reducing image quality.
  • Save photos as jpg, and text and logos as png or gif files – they’re the best options for both smaller file size, and image quality.
  • Stick to the everydayhero dimensions when creating the banner images – this will ensure that the images don’t look distorted.
  • If possible, make your page background images 2000px wide to avoid a gap on either side on larger screens.
  • The campaign background image scrolls with your content, so if you have a long page the background image might not extend to the bottom of your page. You can cater for this by making your background image fade into an appropriate colour, then set the campaign background colour to be the same hex value as the bottom of the campaign image. This will look better than if your background image suddenly cuts off.
  • The baseplate image is a great opportunity to bring some colour and imagery to the page. We find it useful for including sponsor logos, event details and charity information without cluttering the banner image.

How we can help

Getting the most from everydayhero is what we do best! If you’d like a campaign with extra impact or even just some advice, we’re happy to help. If you’d like some ideas, have a look at some campaigns that we’ve done – contact your account manager if you’d like us to design and build a campaign for you.

If you need some help with a build you’re doing, or would just like a chat, we want to hear from you! Contact your account manager, call us at 0845 680 9720 (choose option 3) or email notforprofits@everydayhero.co.uk.