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WonderwallBeautiful supporter stories, that help promote your cause.

The everydayhero Wonderwall is a collection of curated stories of how and why everyday people give their time, effort and voice to support the causes they love most. It shows their heart, passion and love for their charity via a beautiful collage of irresistible stories.

Best of all, the Wonderwall enables these stories to be shared, bringing your cause to the attention of more people, everywhere.

As a member of everydayhero, you are encouraged to put forward some of your own incredible supporter stories to be included on the Wonderwall. The Wonderwall stories are seen by thousands of visitors to the everydayhero.com website and are also promoted to via email and to everydayhero’s social community. Your organisation is also encouraged to share the story yourself to your own networks.

Each story features a permanent donate button that allows inspired readers to make an immediate one-off or recurring gift after reading the story.

There are a number of types of stories on the Wonderwall including;

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 Hero stories

Hero stories are the long form stories on the Wonderwall. A member of the content team interviews the supporter and writes a 500-700 word story on their inspirations and motivations for fundraising.

#whyicare stories

#whyicare stories are stories written in first person by the supporter about their fundraising journey.

Supporter Spotlights

Supporter Spotlights are succinct posts “spotlighting” a supporter and all the wonderful things they are doing for their charity.

Weekly Sparks

Weekly Sparks are short quotes from inspiring supporters with a link directly to their fundraising page.

The Wonderwall is just another part of our ongoing commitment to champion the heroes who support you. Best of all, the Wonderwall enables your stories to be shared, bringing your cause to the attention of more people everywhere. So what are you waiting for?

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