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Maximise your Standard Membership

Every day, thousands of supporters use everydayhero to create peer-to-peer supporter pages in support of their favourite charities, and every day these charities experience the undeniable benefits of online peer-to-peer fundraising.

Being a Standard Member not only enables charities (and their supporters) to experience the fun, ease and efficiency of online fundraising through everydayhero, but also provides your organisation with the opportunities and resources to grow your fundraising. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of just a few small things you can do that will help increase your fundraising revenue.

5 small things that will make a BIG difference

1. Promote your everydayhero fundraising through your website and e-newsletters.

Link to your charity’s profile page on www.everydayhero.com.au.

Invite your supporters to do their own fundraising activity – such as a head shave, run, or hike and create an everydayhero supporter page to share their story and collect the funds.

2. Choose a major community fundraising event in your state, and promote this on your website with a strong call to action, encouraging your supporters to participate and raise money for you.

3. If you have local business supporters or corporates, or simply busy people who want to raise money for you, you can build them a supporter page. Email them the link and login, and ask them to personalise the page, and forward on to family, friends, colleagues, suppliers.

4. Use Donor Pay  – the branded donation form for your website which will help you acquire new regular donors.

Built by everydayhero for you, you can link your “Donate Now” button on your website to your Donor Pay form and encourage your donors to start using it right away!

5. Visit our Standard Member Hub to view a whole host of useful resources including downloadable email templates to acquire and activate your supporters, upcoming and recorded webinars, fundraising research, tips and findings.

From the Hub you can also view and learn a full list of upcoming major community fundraising events that you can get involved in and access tips that you can pass on to your supporters.

For help or for more tips of how to get the most out of your everydayhero membership, get in touch.

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