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Regular Giving

Flexibility for you. Choice for your Donors.

Acquire, manage and engage regular donors simply and easily with everydayhero’s Regular Giving solution.

With customisable frequencies, notification content, defaults and optional recurring receipts, Regular Giving not only empowers nonprofits to accept regular gifts with low overheads, but also provides donors with the ability to choose when and how often they want to give.


  • Generate predictable revenue and reduce your administration costs
  • Customise flexible giving frequencies
  • Can be turned on for both donations through the everydayhero website, as well as campaigns created using Heroix
  • Customisable notification email copy, regular giving frequencies, and recurring donation receipt preferences
  • Super low cost – only $1 per transaction
  • Automatic receipting (optional)
  • Annual statement sent to donors at the completion of the financial year for tax purposes


Regular Giving enables your donors to:

  • Choose their preferred commencement date
  • Select their preferred giving frequency
  • The option to sign up while making a general donation

Regular Giving is available to all everydayhero members at no extra cost.

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