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Poster App

Empower supporters to give their voice to your cause.

The everydayhero Poster App is an easy method for your supporters to give their voice to your cause. It allows them to promote their fundraising effort through their own Facebook account, as well as their workplaces, schools, university and noticeboards.

The Poster App integrates with your nonprofit’s Facebook page and allows your Facebook fans to generate a fully branded event poster for any of your online fundraising events. Your supporters can customise their posters and then choose to download and print it out, or share it with their own networks on Facebook, expanding the reach of your campaign.


Take advantage of the viral nature of Facebook as part of your event acquisition strategy, with the everydayhero Poster App and boost your social media engagement and recruitment.

The Poster App works well in conjunction with our bespoke communication campaigns. For more information on the Poster App, get in contact online.

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