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Appeals Fundraising


Heroix membership comes with either the Appeals or the Peer-to-Peer module included – or both!

With the Appeals module, you can create unlimited branded appeal websites to support your other fundraising activity, such as Direct Mail appeals.

This module is ideal for Tax, Christmas, Spring and Autumn campaigns, or to raise capital for specific programs or equipment. Increase the power of your appeal and give your supporters a more rewarding giving experience.

How to build your appeal microsite

You can build a fully-branded appeals microsite for each campaign in minutes following our step-by-step process. It’s simple – choose from our web page designs, insert your header, images and content, and you’re all done!

Advanced customisation includes: Custom background images, donor survey questions and buttons

How to receive donations

Heroix uses a secure payment solution that instantly receipts donors and remits funds raised by your supporters to your nominated bank account every 14 days.

Your donors can also sign up for Regular Giving, and you can embed a thank you video to enhance the giving experience for donors.

How to access your data

You can easily access your unique data, including the names, amounts and details of all your supporters and donors. Opt-outs are clearly identified. The Report Builder tool makes it simple to create exportable reports that match your database.

The Raiser’s Edge customers can use the plug-in to easily import their data.


  • Unlimited branded appeal websites that can be created in minutes
  • Learn more about your donors by adding customised survey questions
  • Tailor your donor’s experience by customising donation amounts, handles and images
  • Customise donation receipts for each appeal
  • The ability to thank donors with a video message after their donation.
  • Add custom questions at point of donation to learn more about your donors

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