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Donor Uplift

Uplift donation revenue by asking donors to give a little more

Donor Uplift allows donors to contribute a little extra if they choose to, increasing the dollar value of their gift. Before its release, Donor Uplift was tested with 30,000 online donors to understand how they would respond when prompted to give a little extra.

In the trials, we learned over 70% of donors would opt-in to generously give more, and we received heaps of positive feedback from them. So use Donor Uplift to increase the value of the gifts you receive.

How does it work?

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.58.08 amWith Donor Uplift, a checkbox will appear on the donation form, giving donors the choice to contribute a little bit extra. When the box is checked, your donors will see their gift’s total updated automatically.

For Heroix members, Donor Uplift is fully configurable in your account dashboard, allowing you to easily raise or lower the uplift percentage for each of your campaigns as well as toggle on or off.

Full flexibility and control

Screen-Shot-2014-02-21-at-2.27.29-pm.154419It’s your call! Heroix members can configure Donor Uplift in the way that suits each of your campaigns. Easily raise or lower how much you ask your donors to give, or switch it off entirely for more sensitive campaigns.

For Standard Members, your donors can choose to give a flat 5% extra by clicking the checkbox when donating

Developed with rigorous research and testing

Unknown-2.154237We applied user testing to study 30,000 donations and multiple test cases. All to ensure Donor Uplift increases your donation revenue without driving donors away. Because we want your donors to feel good about giving.

Easily report on donation uplift

Screen-Shot-2014-02-21-at-2.35.59-pm.151355We know you’d rather spend your time tackling real fundraising challenges than wading through data. Pre-built Donor Uplift reports are available in the dashboard to quickly give you the numbers driving your new donation uplift.

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