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Donor Conversion

Thank peer donors and grow your supporter base.

The Donor Conversion module is a simple and effective online tool designed to start a more engaged relationship with your peer-donors (the wonderful people who give generously to your supporters).

The average everydayhero supporter receives approximately ten donations from friends, family and colleagues with many opting-in to hear more from the charity they donate to. In many cases these donors may be new to your not-for-profit and are potential new supporters for your cause.

Donor Conversion helps you engage them by:.

  • Contacting them via email and thanking them
  • Giving them a copy of their donation receipt (proven to generate positive feedback and further donations)
  • Give them information about your nonprofit’s cause and how their gift has been put to use through a rich video message
  • Give them the opportunity to donate to your cause again.

everydayhero’s professional services team can also manage a Donor Conversion campaign for you.

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