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Mobile Fundraising – Anywhere. Anytime.

Wherever your Supporters are they want to take their fundraising with them.


That’s why our Next Generation Supporter page has been built from the ground up using a completely mobile responsive design.

That’s good news because it means that Supporter Pages are not just optimized for mobile devices; they actually adapt the design of the page according to the device they’re being viewed on.

All elements on the Page rearrange themselves into a beautiful, easy-to-use design which makes interacting with the Supporter Page a fun, engaging and intuitive mobile fundraising experience.

Feature Spotlight

End-to-end mobile responsive design

Our Next Generation Supporter Page was made for mobile. The minute you land on it you’re greeted with a smooth, seamless and clever design, which makes everything from adding photos and updates to donating, easy and fun.

Easy updates

You want your Supporters to keep updating their page, right? Because the more they update, the more they share and the more money the raise*. So we’ve designed our Next Generation Supporter Page just like their Facebook page. They can post updates straight to their Page’s feed, see a dynamic record of activity and thank their sponsors. They can also take a picture on their smartphone or tablet and post it instantly, pushing it out to social media at the same time.

Visit our ‘Getting Started’ page for downloadable guides and resources.

Or for more information about the Next Generation Supporter Page or to join Everyday  Hero, contact us.