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Motivate and inspire your supporters to give more

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‘Giving’ is much more than just money. This is why everydayhero’s MapMyFitness integration is such an important innovation. Because the everyday supporter page enables them to see, track and share all their efforts. Kilometers run, hours given, calories burned – supporters are now acknowledged for their hard yards, not just funds raised.

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Making your supporters’ efforts visible really feeds their what we call the support cycle. It motivates your supporters because it records the toil they have put in. This concurrently inspires their donors to get behind them more with donations and words
 of encouragement, which then spurs your supporters on even more to keep going. And so the cycle goes on.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 1.58.06 pmMore engaging = more giving

The new integration means increased motivations and opportunities to engage, which correlates directly to more giving.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 2.06.19 pmMore supporters loving it

Our seamless mobile functionality and MapMyFitness integration help your supporters count everything they give. Wherever they are going next, we’ll be there with new enablement innovations that make fundraising easier, more rewarding and more successful.

MapMyFitness is a free fitness app for both iPhone and Android which lets users track and share their workouts.

All supporter pages feature MapMyFitness integration. Your supporters can download MapMyFitness to their smartphone and quickly and easily integrate the app with their page to show the time, distance and energy they’re giving for your cause.

How you can use it

The integration with the MapMyFitness suite of apps is available to all your supporters and is included at no cost to your charity.

Make it a part of your campaign. Just encourage your supporters to post their training activity given for your cause or event on their supporter page.

What to your supporters need to know

Your supporters will need to choose which app they want to download from the Apple or Android App Store, install it and create a new account if they don’t already have one.

When they next log in to their everydayhero supporter page, by visiting their account or dashboard they’ll see prompts to link their MapMyFitness account and supporter page.

Workouts will then appear on their supporter page when they set each workout’s visibility to ‘Everyone’.

Need help putting together an email explaining the MapMyFitness app integration to your supporters? We’ve prepared a sample email to make this super easy for you.

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