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Grow with eTapestry

It can be challenging to engage with donors who give online to one of your wonderful community fundraisers.

Challenging, but not impossible.

Blackbaud’s eTapestry is simply the most affordable and robust online database for not-for-profits. You can reach new donors, members, and volunteers with our easy-to-use and secure solution.

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As an everydayhero member, you can get eTapestry – with special discounted pricing. The eTapestry Grow pricing scales alongside your organisation’s growth and includes a 15% discount with subscriptions from less than $1,100 in the first year.

Why eTapestry?

eTapestry is designed to tackle the challenge of limited resources that most small & growing charities face– Staff, Time and Money. Backed by the dependability and reliability of Blackbaud, the eTapestry cloud-based CRM helps your organisation raise donations, enhance supporter engagement and effectively manage communications so you can focus more on spreading your message and helping your charity grow.

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