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Everyday Hero Social Media Integration

Helping your supporters share their story. In their own words. Just the way it should be.

At Everyday Hero we understand your supporters. We get that their personal connection to your charity,  your cause and each other is their primary motivation for giving. We understand that their passion drives their fundraising efforts, decision to donate and desire to support a friend who’s making a real difference. Working with so many charities, we understand the need to abide by important fundraising principles. This means showing respect to your fundraisers and donors and providing them with choice and control.

Ease + Emotion = Effectiveness

Every day we see how each of your supporters is unique, special, important.

It takes a perfect combination of ease and emotion to turn Social Media into an effective tool through which your supporters can tell their stories. Celebrate their differences and give them a voice with Everyday Hero’s social media integration.

We know automation doesn’t equal passion, so let’s take a look at how our social media integration works…

Multiple Opportunities to Share

When it comes to your fundraisers, we don’t just give them one opportunity to share their efforts and ask for support on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. At every step in the fundraising process, your fundraisers are asked to tell their story, share their page and talk about your cause.




We also continue with this approach for donors (because there’s 10x as many donors as there are fundraisers).

Not only can donors view a beautiful thank you video from you, their charity, but they can connect with you directly on social media with just one click. Eliminating the need to search and find your charity on Facebook or Twitter, they simply click the icon and are immediately taken to your social media page where they can like, follow and join your network.

Connecting with you through this page is the first important step in building a deeper relationship with you, however it is still just half the story. From the thank you page, Donors are also prompted to share their donation and passion for your cause on social media.

Clever Storytelling Functionality

Simply by clicking an icon, our social media functionality cleverly pulls through a direct link to the fundraising page, it’s title and a description ready for the fundraiser to personalise. Sure they can post straight away, but in our experience your fundraisers want to speak from their heart and share their passion for your cause with their networks. That’s why our clever storytelling functionality empowers them to write their own personal story or message, talk about their efforts and explain why your charity means so much to them.

Your fundraisers can also easily edit their page title and change the descriptor text to describe what a difference the funds raised will make to your charity. In just a few clicks, your fundraisers can say everything they want to, the way they want to.

Similarly, donors need simply click the ‘Share my donation’ button and write a personal message of support for your organisation. The share functionality pulls through a direct link to your charity’s donation form and allows the donor to completely personalise the post.

Direct Personal Ask

A personal ask is always the most powerful, which is why automated cookie-cutter social media solutions don’t see high conversion rates. Everyday Hero’s social media functionality in addition to providing your supporters with the ability to post directly to their own wall, the wall of a friend or on a group page, also allows them to send a personal ask to a specific selection of friends by just typing in their names.

A simple, automated share might raise awareness but a personal ask is what will actually inspire your supporters’ networks to give.

Remember: each of your supporters is unique, special, important.

Celebrate their differences and give them the chance to tell their story with Everyday Hero’s social media integration.

For more information about Everyday Hero membership, please contact us on 1300 798 768 or submit an enquiry. Alternatively, if you are an existing customer, please contact your Account Manager.