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Design Story

With a perfect combination of good looks and intelligence, our Next Generation Supporter page is more than just a pretty face.


Its clever mobile responsive design and advanced social integration, makes it the most intuitive fundraising platform through which your Supporters can show and tell people why your cause means so much to them and receive sponsorship.

Just like their Facebook page, their Supporter Page displays a real-time feed of all their activities including posts, pictures, videos, donations and messages of thanks. It allows them to push every update out to Facebook without ever leaving their page, send to friends, share via email and continue to spread the word and inspire others. Our Supporter Page’s design helps them tell their story more beautifully and easily – just the way it should be.

Feature Spotlight

User-driven approach

Everything from the buttons to the layout of the Next Generation Supporter Page is based on user testing and research. At every stage in the design process, we had real people playing with every element and providing feedback about what worked and why, and that’s why we know it works – and it works well.

Under the hood

There’s also lots of really cool new things going on behind the Supporter Page itself, like Charity Messaging which allows you to post messages of support and encouragement directly to the page, as well as the ability for your Supporters to thank their donors instantly from their Page’s feed.

Visit our ‘Getting Started’ page for downloadable guides and resources.

Or for more information about the Next Generation Supporter Page or to join Everyday  Hero, contact us.