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Increase Employee Engagement and Morale

Online fundraising through a Corporate Giving Portal is really easy, fun and engaging, offering employees the ability to build an online Supporter Page and ask for donations by sharing it with friends and family.

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundCompletely mobile, fully social online fundraising

Just like their Facebook page, they can regularly upload photos and videos about their efforts to their Supporter Page and post updates anywhere, anytime and from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

Better together

An Everyday Hero Corporate Giving Portal also offers best in-class team functionality, which makes fundraising with others a collaborative, connected and engaging experience – and something your employees will want to do again and again!

Create friendly competition between employees and departments

It also makes promoting the efforts of staff internally and to the wider community even easier through the use of Leaderboards and tally widgets, creating friendly competition between employees and departments.

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