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Amplify and Aggregate your Social Impact

heart-in-hands1With Everyday Hero, donating, raising and depositing money from offline activities online, has never been easier, and all funds received through your Corporate Giving Portal are automatically processed, receipted and added to your overall fundraising tally.

Aggregate, Report and Share

This allows you to capture, aggregate, report and share the impact of those in your organisation with the community (online, offline and through social media) growing brand equity and raising awareness of your company’s CSR initiatives.

National-Hard-Hat-CampaignmicrositethumbnailGreater Visibility over Your Impact

The greater the visibility your stakeholders have over your impact, the more they will be motivated to:

– Continue to work together
– Inspire one another
– Achieve common goals
– Make a difference for causes they care about

With our Corporate Giving Portal they can with access to over 1,700 charities.

To start your Corporate Partnership with Everyday Hero today, contact Chris McGrory on
0450 500 768.