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Like. Connect. Give. Fundraise.

The opportunities social media offers for not-for-profits is undeniable with likes, shares, posts and comments re-defining the way they communicate, broadening their reach and providing a platform through which they can instantly connect with their supporter base.

But what if social networks like Facebook could become more than just a vehicle for communication?

At everydayhero, we understand that our Charity Partners spend valuable time, money and resources on leveraging Facebook to increase their supporter base and to raise awareness of their cause.

We also know that acquiring supporters and donors, and measuring ROI through Facebook can be challenging and complex.

But no longer.

Introducing  Campaign Connect

Campaign Connect is designed to make finding and supporting your events even easier, turning Facebook into a fundraising channel by adding a customisable button to the top of your organisation’s Facebook page. This button connects your supporters to your branded Campaign Connect page, enabling them to instantly make a donation or start fundraising for your cause.

How it works

Campaign Connect is a Facebook app which cleverly integrates Heroix peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, appeals or registrations with your nonprofit’s Facebook profile. Potential supporters can link directly through to your Campaign Connect page from the button on your not-for-profit’s Facebook profile, straight from Facebook advertising, and from posts and status updates inside Facebook.

Monitor conversion rates and report on ROI

Once installed, you can easily report and track traffic and donations made through your Campaign Connect through Google Analytics and inside your Heroix donation reports.

Connect your supporters with your campaigns inside Facebook, and make giving easier and more accessible with Campaign Connect.

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